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Copy & Paste Job

Legible Part Time Work, Only 2 Hrs per Day,
Standard Monthly Income,
(Part Time Online Copy Paste Job)

ON THIS 03/03/2014

M/S GLEAM TECHNOLOGIES, a Company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies act, 1956 and having its registered office at No: #221, Thellai Nagar, Gandhi Nagar Post, (near) Neyveli arch, Neyveli-607308, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. (Here in after called as 1st party)

M/S.  PRAMOD, AT – jothr, Post – Bhupur, Keonjhar, Orissa - 758001. (Here in after called as 2nd party)

1. The 2nd party accepts that the 1st party agreed to provide the online data entry work to the 2nd party on an interim arrangement of 1 ID will be executed by him on 03/03/2014, which has to be started on 03/03/2014. The billing the 1st party subject to conditions set out and agreed between either parties.

4. The 2nd party accepts that the 1st party agrees to provide Work from time to time regularly to    the 2nd party if the 2nd party completes the Work on satisfactory of the first party.

The 2nd party accepts the accuracy and payments very clearly.
Data Entry Work

The accuracy should be ABOVE 65%

% Percentage of Accuracy in Data Entry

Income Earned Per Month in Rs


96% - 100%
86% - 95% 
76% - 85%  
65% - 75%
Below  65%


100% ( Full payment)
No  Payment

If Accuracy is below 65%   in records, then 2nd party’s agreement for this work would be terminated and no payment will be made to the 2nd party.
TDS and Administrative Charges will be deducted from the Payment.(TD’s as per Govt. Norms +7.7% Administrative and Handling charges)

The 2nd Party accepts that payments will be done on 4th Week of every month.(Provided the minimum payout criteria is to be fulfilled in the previous month).
The 2nd party accepts the SPECIFICATIONS FOR THIS WORK
The 2nd party accepts the instructions to follow while copying and Pasting.


  1. Rules applicable if any mistakes committed :
  1. Member has to search the addresses from Company given link for which we will provide the search work and locations then and there.

The addressess has to be posted in after login their control panel
b) Error in any field, 3% will be deducted as error percentage.

  1. Rules applicable for minimum records:

a) User allowed to do data entry up to 150 records per day. Rs. 0.60/- (sixty paisa) will be paid for properly typed record. User can earn up to Rs.2790/-(150x31x0.60) per month for 12 months.
b) More than this will not be paid. Less than this or remaining data will not be carried forward.

  1. The User can start the Work by registering with Rs.2500/- non refundable fee, and it will be valid for 12 months if User achieves 65% accuracy and above it is mandatory for the User for a 12 months agreement.
  2. The User, 18 YEARS [OR ABOVE] OF AGE AND hereby, accept the opportunity of Copy & Paste, without and External or Internal Pressure and opt Copy & Paste to be executed only on, personal computer at home. I shall not get the work done from any outside commercial agency or individual. I have also gone through the terms of Offer, as described above (after having gone thoroughly in my full conscience) and acknowledge that I understand and agree to terms set forth here above voluntarily and willing and I am bound by the same.
  3. The User accepts that at any circumstance the deposit amount is not refundable and transferable.
  4. The User accepts that there is no rework for the job which has been submitted once.
  5. Gleam technologies cannot be held responsible for non-working occurred on account of natural calamity/ change in Law/Unforeseen circumstances. And no Claim/representation shall be entertained.
  6. The User accepts that if his or her account is terminated or seized due to any reason(S) mentioned above, He/She shall not ask for any kind of refund from the company.
  7. Entering data in all fields are must, (name, Address, City, State, pincode, all fields is must).
  8. Rs. 0.60/- (sixty paisa) will be paid for properly typed record. User can earn up to Rs. 2790/-(150x31x0.60) per month for 12 months.
  9. User allowed to do data entry up to 150 records per day. If User fails to do the job on any particular day the same will not be carried forward to the next day.
  10. Every month 4th week they will be getting payment for the previous months work, provided they have to reach the minimum payout of Rs. 2500/- if not the amount will be carried forward to the next month. User has to give their bank details for fund transfer; if fund transfer facility is not available then the postage/courier and handling charges will be deducted from the payment (3% of the payout).
  11. Payment: 96 - 100% accuracy is required to get full payment. If any error found in the data entry, for each error 3% will be considered as error percentage, based on accuracy the payout will be made. Accuracy 96-100% - full payout, 86-95% - 80% of payout, 76-85% - 60% of payout, 65-75% - 40% of payout. Below 65% accuracy the payment will not be made and the agreement will be cancelled.
  12. TDS and Administrative charges 18 %( 10.3+7.7) will be deducted from payout. The court in Neyveli alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction as regards any claims or matters arise in out of dealings with Gleam technologies, and all disputes will be governed by laws of INDIA. All Rights reserve with Company (Gleam Technologies). The User accepts and agrees to be bound by the side terms and conditions and to any changes made therein from time to time by Gleam Technologies at its sole discretion with the notice to the 2nd Party.
  13. The User agrees that they have no objection to terminate account for any kind of illegal activities.
  14. The Gleam Technologies is not responsible for non-working of 3rd Party links server or 3rd party website.

WE, the parties have signed this agreement on understanding the covenants and clearly.


FIRST PARTY                                                                            SECOND PARTY


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